List Students Auto-Loader

I created this page to accommodate my secretaries who use the List Students function all the time, but can't stand typing in the list values over and over.  Through the use of a little javascript, the commonly used list values are stored as sets and can be loaded at any time using a drop down menu on the page.  You will notice the the page is longer to accommodate more fields.
Included in the download is another custom page that can reformat the results for better printing.

Using List Sets:

There are four pages that make up the List Students Auto-Loader.
studentlist1.html -- is the source page in PowerSchool that will call the other two pages. There is no need to alter this page.
studentlist2.html -- is another customization I created that adds a formatting button to the list results page. There is no need to alter this page.
lists_menu.html -- is the code which makes up the drop-down menu at the top of the list students screen. It must be altered to include an option for each list-set you create or remove from the lists.html page.
lists.html -- contains all the settings which make up your list-sets. On this page you will see a three example list-sets that you cn alter for your own purposes. To make new sets simply copy all the code starting with "if" and ending with the close bracket, and paste this after the last set.
The first line of each set starts with if( reportType == "list name " ). On this line you must alter the list name to match what you called the list on lists_menu.html.
All the lines beginning with document.forms['aForm'].elements[1].value contain values which will be inserted into the fields on the list students page when the list-set is selected. The values are listed according to their position on the list students page starting at the top with the report title field, and ending at the bottom with the three optional sort fields.
IF YOUR INCLUDING DECODES in your list-set take special care. Due to the way javascript works they will have to be formatted like the following example:
document.forms['aForm'].elements[2].value = "decode;~" + "(gender);m;Boy;f;Girl;---";

Version History:

3.6 - PS version 19.11 changed the school dropdown which added a couple more form elements to every page. Thus every list set you have defined needed the element numbers changed. I updated the example list sets to match the order in 19.11+. Stay tuned for a major update to this customization which will let you save list sets without editing code.
3.4 - Fix for the "Show Data in New Window" button never appearing on the list students results page.
3.3 - Updated for Powerschool version 7.1.2. Includes fix for the endless load bar error when exporting.
3.2 - Added instructions at the top of the lists.html page for using decodes in list-sets.
3.1 - Corrected a field ordering issue that would cause list sets to be applied wrong. IF YOU HAVE BEEN USING THIS CUSTOMIZATION YOU WILL HAVE TO REWORK YOUR LIST-SETS FOLLOWING THE INCLUDED EXAMPLES. Rewrote the comments at the top of each page to better instruct how they should be altered. Rewrote the three example list-sets so it is clear which lines coincide with which fields on the list students screen. Corrected the zip file structure to work properly when imported via CPM.
3.0 - Updated for PowerSchool version 7. Had to reduce number of list columns to 20 because of limits in PS 7.
2.0 - Updated for PowerSchool Premier version 6.
1.0 - Initial release.

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